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Welcome to the Teachers' Choice Software web site.
Our FREE on line mathematics 'How-To' library is open 24 hours a day. 
The ever-growing library now has 71 helpful topics, and every topic includes a free download!

Learn Maths Helper Plus quickly by working through the tutorial topics.

You begin with the 'Easy Start' tutorial that covers the basics of Maths Helper Plus in about 20 minutes.
When you need them, the eight 'Essential Skills' tutorials will show you how to write mathematical expressions, set graph scales and lots of other useful things.
The 12 'Important Skills' topics can show you how to get statistical data from the internet, set graph scales easily, print very large graphs, use pictures behind your graphs, and much more.
The topics are easy to read and contain lots of attractive pictures and diagrams.

The following is part of the 'Easy Start' tutorial...


You start by typing the data into the input box.

In the case of functions, the data is the equation of the function. In this example, use: y = 3x - 1 as the data.

  1. Click on the input box with the mouse:

The input box colour changes to pale blue, and the shortcut box appears.

  1. Move the shortcut box to a convenient location on the screen by dragging its title bar:

  1. Type the data: y = 3x - 1

Tip: You can click on the shortcut box buttons for quick typing. For example, to type the equation: y = 3x - 1 into the input box, you can click on the 'y=' button on the shortcut box, then finish typing the 3x - 1 part yourself.


  1. To create the data set, click on the text view anywhere outside of the input box:


You have now created a data set.

The graph view will now display the function graph, and the text view displays the data set as a double edit box, like this:

The data is displayed in the lower edit box, called the data box.

Tip: You can make changes to the data by clicking on the data box, making your changes, then clicking outside of the data box.