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The text label tool is used to create, edit, copy and delete text labels.

Creating a text label:

  1. Click the button on the math tools tool bar to activate the text label tool. This causes the text label tool dialog box to be displayed. (See picture)

  2. Type your text label in the edit box region.

Tip: or click 'Paste' to paste your label from the clipboard.

  1. Click the 'OK' button on the editor dialog box.

  1. Click the text label cursor:    on the graph view at the position where you want to put the label.

Editing a text label:

Double click the mouse on the text label. The text label editor will be displayed so that you can edit the text label.

Copying a text label:

  1. Hold down a 'Ctrl' key and click on the text label with the mouse. Drag the selection box to the required position.

  1. Release the mouse button. A copy of the original label will appear.

Deleting a text label:

Click once on the text label to select it. Now press the 'Delete' key on the keyboard. The label will be deleted and another label selected if there are multiple labels.

Text labels with word break:

The text label tool automatically calculates the size of a label from the text it contains. Normally this behaviour is ideal, but sometimes you may want to have control over the label size.

For example, a descriptive paragraph is really one long line of text, and you probably don't want it all on one line:

To wrap a text label with long text lines into paragraphs:

  1. Check the 'Word Break' option in the text label dialog box. (Double click on the text label to open this dialog box if it isn't already open).

  2. Close the text label dialog box.

  3. Drag on the handles to change the width of the text label, as shown below. (The height is calculated automatically.)

The text will now wrap at the end of each line, like this: