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Maths Helper Plus 

A collection of powerful tools to help you work faster and smarter. Includes 72 illustrated tutorial topics!

Tucows 5 cow rating! 



 'Getting Started' tutorial 

"... undoubtedly the best High School graphing software in the world ..."

   Key features:

Graphing: y = f(x), x = f(y), polar, parametric, inequalities, (x,y) points, vectors, histograms, frequency polygons, box plots, scatter plots and more.
Statistics: Mean, standard deviation and all other common statistics calculated with full working steps shown. Import text data, sort and tabulate, set class intervals.
Functions: Tabulate with user defined expressions, tangents and normals calculated with working. Tabulate definite integrals using five methods.
(x,y) Points: Ten regression models, calculate enclosed area and perimeter, tabulate with user defined expressions.
Conics: Ten types of circles, parabolas, hyperbolas and ellipses. Plot and calculate points and lines of interest.
Triangles: Solve and plot ANY triangle that is solvable. Full working steps shown.
Powerful Matrix
, Vector and Complex number programmable calculators that display working steps!
11 Interactive  'graph tools' do anything from trace tangent lines to find turning points.
Import pictures, eg maps, then overlay your graphs or make measurements!
Make live animations using parameters in plotted points and functions. 
Easy tutorial, reference library and dozens of ready to use applications included, ranging from loan repayment calculations to probability experiments

.math homework help 

Age group: 15 years and up.
System requirements: PC with Windows 95 or greater or NT4 or greater or Macintosh with Virtual PC.


1. Maths Helper Plus software install:

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2. FREE support documents for teaching resources:

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Can do your algebra step by step! Includes 41 tutorial topics with worked examples and practice exercises!   


Tucows 5 cow rating! 




 'Getting Started' tutorial 

"... anyone who ever does high school algebra really needs this program ..."

  Key features:

Enter algebra straight from your text book or homework sheet. 
All common algebra operations, including...
factorise, simplify, expand, complete the square, common denominators, substitute, reciprocals, cross multiply, and raise to powers.
Manipulate and solve equations.
The same commands work on numbers AND symbols.
Easy tutorial, worked examples and step by step instructions aimed at 13 year olds and up.

 help with algebra

Age Group: 13 years and up.
System requirements: PC with Windows 95 or greater or NT4 or greater or Macintosh with Virtual PC.


Algematics software install:

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