Sine Tool
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The sine tool displays a movable sine or cosine function on the graph view. (See below:)

Cursor for sine mode:

Cursor for cosine mode:

The sine tool also displays equations, coordinates and calculated values, and plots the curves directly. 

Select the sine tool by clicking the button on the graph tools tool bar, or by selecting the 'Sine' command from the 'Tools' menu.

When the sine tool is selected, the sine tool dialog box is displayed (See below:).

Drag on the title bar at the top of the sine tool dialog box to move it.

Check the 'cos' check box to model a cosine function. If the 'cos' check box is unchecked, the tool models a sine function. 

Check the 'Trace' check box to trace the centre of the sine or cosine graph along a function curve.

Check the 'Snap to grid' option to locate the centre of the sine or cosine graph at the corner of grid snap rectangles.

Click the 'Cancel' button to stop using the sine tool.

To plot the sine or cosine function, press the space bar on the computer keyboard.

Changing the shape of the sine or cosine function:

With the sine tool displaying a sine or cosine graph on the graph view, click and hold the left mouse button while moving the mouse.

Drag the mouse horizontally to stretch or compress the graph horizontally. This changes the period of the function.

Drag the mouse vertically to change the height of the graph. This changes the amplitude of the function.

Hold down a Ctrl key and drag the mouse horizontally to change the length of the cursor line.

For fine adjustment, hold down a Shift key as well.