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We have developed a large collection of unique classroom teaching resources to compliment our Maths Helper Plus software. The entire collection contains 76 separate activities, which include printed sheets and computer set-up documents. These resources are now available as FREE downloads from our site !

There are two resource sets available. Click the links below to view resources...

'Maths Helper Plus Resource Set 1'  
( 51 A4 sized activity sheets and computer set-up documents. )

Click here to download setup documents for Resource Set 1 (1171 kB)

  'Maths Helper Plus Resource Set 2'  
( 26 A4 sized trigonometry activity sheets and computer set-up documents. )

Click here to download setup documents for Resource Set 2 (123 kB)

Can the resources be used as lessons ?

This is not a computer instruction or tutorial system. These are teaching resources designed to assist the classroom teacher. Some may be used as the basis for lessons, others for introducing topics, reinforcing concepts, class demonstrations, group work or assignments.

Are there worked solution sheets for the activities ?

In general, these activities are self correcting, so no solutions are required. The computer provides immediate feedback so that errors are corrected when they occur. There are also many open ended and investigative elements in the activities where class discussion or teacher input will be necessary.

How much teacher preparation is needed ?

To use an activity, just photocopy the activity sheet for your class and make the computer set-up documents available on your classroom computers. The students then load the computer set-up documents for that activity as required. Very little knowledge of the software is needed, but a 'basic skills' activity is provided to help you introduce the Maths Helper Plus software to your students.

Where do I get the computer set-up documents ?

The computer set-up documents for both resource sets are included with the Maths Helper Plus software and are automatically installed on your computer system when you install the software.