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Our FREE on line mathematics 'How-To' library is open 24 hours a day. 
The ever-growing library now has 71 helpful topics, and every topic includes a free download!

Algematics creates perfectly formatted output expressions and equations. The complexity of the output is for all practical purposes unlimited, and there are a huge range of display options to suit your needs.

 You set display options in this dialog box:

These examples show the effect of some of these settings on the output display...

1. Multiply symbol

Multiply symbol = ×

Multiply symbol = ·

2. Surds

Surds on:

Surds off:

3. Force × signs, eg: 2×a

Force × signs on:

Force × signs off:

4. Use ÷ signs, eg: 2÷a

Use ÷ signs on:

Use ÷ signs off:

5. Decimal fractions

Decimal fractions on: (Can display up to 200 decimal places)

Decimal fractions off: