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Welcome to the Teachers' Choice Software web site.
Our FREE on line mathematics 'How-To' library is open 24 hours a day. 
The ever-growing library now has 71 helpful topics, and every topic includes a free download!

The Maths Helper Plus on-line help uses Web browser technology and hundreds of full colour diagrams for the most stunning computer help system you have ever seen:

Designed to be like a Web site, there is an overall home page with links to the three sections of the help system:

'Learn how to use Maths Helper Plus' is a link to the tutorial topics.
'Put Maths Helper Plus to work' is a link to the application topics.
'Maths Helper Plus Reference Library' is a link to the complete reference guide.

Each of these sub-sections also has its own home page with further links.

The 'Contents', 'Index' and 'Search' tabs make it easy to locate information quickly, because the entire help file including tutorials, applications and reference library is covered by these tabs.


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