Maths Helper Plus - Getting Started
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Maths Helper Plus is easy to use when you know how, but you will need some practice!

There are two parts to Maths Helper Plus:  1. The software,  and  2. The illustrated tutor topics.

When you first run Maths Helper Plus, you will see a blank screen split into two parts, the 'text view' on the left, and the 'graph view' on the right, like this:

This is the Maths Helper Plus software which contains tools for plotting graphs, calculating statistics and much more...

The text view (on the left, remember!) contains the input box where you enter data such as equations to plot.

In the case of functions, the data is the equation of the function. In this example we will use: y = 3x - 1 as the data.

1. Activate the input box

Press the F3 key at the top of your keyboard, OR click on the input box with the mouse:

The input box colour changes to pale blue, and the shortcut box appears.

When activated, the input box colour changes to pale blue, and the shortcut box appears.
If necessary, move the shortcut box
to a convenient location on the screen by dragging its title bar:

2. Type the data

Tip: You can click on the shortcut box buttons for quick typing. For example, to type the equation: y = 3x - 1 into the input box, you can click on the 'y=' button on the shortcut box, then finish typing the 3x - 1 part yourself.


3. Press the 'Enter' key

To create the data set, press 'Enter' on the keyboard, OR click on the text view with the mouse, anywhere outside of the input box:


You have now created a data set.

The graph view will now display the function graph, and the text view displays the data set as a double edit box, like this:

The data is displayed in the lower edit box, called the data box.

Tip: You can make changes to the data by clicking on the data box, making your changes, then clicking outside of the data box.

To do fancy things like tables of values, find tangent and normal lines, integrals, derivative graphs and much more, hold down a Shift key while you press the F3 key on the keyboard and type things in the dialog box displayed.

To delete the data set with the yellow square near it (called the selected) data set, hold down Ctrl and press the Delete key.

The illustrated tutor topics can be accessed by pressing the F1 key. You should really look over the 'Easy Start' tutorial first. Simply click 'Learn how to use Maths Helper Plus', then 'Easy Start'.

The application topics show you how to solve all kinds of mathematics problems using Maths Helper Plus. Click the 'Show' button at the top of the help window, then click 'Applications'. You may want to print useful applications topics.

Thats enough to get you started!

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