Maths Helper Plus
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"A multi-purpose software environment 
for exploring mathematical ideas"

( Click the screen picture below for a close view. )

To solve a problem using Maths Helper Plus, you...

Enter data into Maths Helper Plus by typing it onto the text view, or by using Wizards ...

Types of data (called data sets ):


(x,y) Points




Calculators: matrix, vector, complex

Decide what you want to do with the data ...

A huge variety of settings and calculations are available for every type of data...

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Interact with the data ...

  Graph tools enable you to interact with the graph view using your mouse. You can plot points, trace a tangent around a function graph, find a definite integral or the exact intersection point of two graphs, and much more.  

Three user defined functions, and five parameters can be used in function and point definitions. These are controlled from as special dialog box called the 'parameters box'. A slider on the parameters box enables you to vary any parameter smoothly in real time to create live animations.

View the results ...

The graph view displays graphs, points, triangles, statistical plots, scanned pictures and other graphical information. Every detail of the graph plots can be customised simply by pointing and clicking. A huge variety of graph types is possible with Maths Helper Plus, and the graphs paste straight into Word, PowerPoint or other Windows applications.

See the example graphs !

Setting graph scales and the size and shape of the graphing area are simple point and click operations. Four settable scale preset buttons remember your most common settings.

Get help ...

The extensive on-line help contains hundreds of pages of tutorials, reference material and mathematical applications. This is a html based help file loaded with pictures and diagrams. Complete mathematical solutions are contained in template files included with Maths Helper Plus. For example, to calculate and plot loan repayments, you load that template and follow the instructions in the help file. You can also create template files.