Linear Programming Tool
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The linear programming tool displays a line segment cursor on the graph view. The line through this segment is of the form: ax + by = c (See below:)

Line segment, ax + by = c:

This tool assists in solving linear programming problems where an expression of the form: ax + by has to be maximised or minimised for a set of constraints. This tool allows the user to set the value of 'a' and 'b', and then displays the equation: ax + by = c as the line segment is moved on the graph view.

Select the linear programming tool by clicking the button on the graph tools tool bar, or by selecting the 'Linear programming' command from the 'Tools' menu.

When selected, the linear programming tool dialog box is displayed (See below:).

Drag on the title bar at the top of the linear programming tool dialog box to move it.

Check the 'Snap to grid' option to locate the centre of the line at the corner of grid snap rectangles. (Useful where integer solutions are required. (See below).

Click the 'Cancel' button to stop using the linear programming tool.

Click the 'Function' button to enter 'a' and 'b' values for the equation: ax + by = c.

A small dialog box is displayed (See right) for you to enter the 'a' and 'b' values. Click 'OK' to accept changes.

When solving linear programming problems where integer solutions are required, you can use the 'snap to grid' option, and set the grid snap squares to integer values.