Intersection Tool
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The intersection tool finds accurate intersection points of function graphs with each other or 'x' or 'y' axes.

Select the intersection tool by clicking the button on the graph tools tool bar, or by selecting the 'Intersection' command from the 'Tools' menu. The intersection tool cursor: is then displayed on the graph view, and the intersection tool dialog box is displayed. (See below:)

Drag on the title bar at the top of the intersection tool dialog box to move it.

Click the cursor on the graph view near the intersection point of two function graphs, or a function graph and an axis.

If the intersection point is found, a temporary dot is drawn on the graph view at the intersection point, and the 'x' and 'y' value of the point will be displayed in the intersection tool dialog box

Click the 'Cancel' button to stop using the intersection tool.

Plotting the intersection points:

All intersection points found by the intersection tool are stored in memory. Click the 'Plot' button to plot all of the stored points and clear the memory.

Click the 'Clear' button to erase the point memory.

Note: The intersection tool is capable of very high accuracy, even if you don't click exactly on the intersection point. It uses the point you click on as an initial estimate only.