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Welcome to the Teachers' Choice Software web site.
Our FREE on line mathematics 'How-To' library is open 24 hours a day. 
The ever-growing library now has 71 helpful topics, and every topic includes a free download!

The 'How to' topics in the Algematics help file assist you with common tasks...

Enter Equations and Expressions
This topic explains the simple rules for entering your stuff into Algematics.

Enter Comments and Descriptions
Each step entered into or created by Algematics can have a line or paragraph of text displayed with it. This topic explains how to enter this text, and how to set its font.

Use a Rough Working Document
This topic shows you how to create a separate document for rough working, and how to view both the original and rough working documents on the screen at the same time.

Move and Copy Data Within Algematics
This topic shows you how to move or copy equations or other data within the same document, or from one document to another.

Use the Windows Clipboard
The Windows clipboard is a temporary storage area for many kinds of data and is available to all Windows applications. This help topic explains how to use it in Algematics.

Customise the Display
This help topic explains how to set fonts and other display options, as well as how to view different parts of the same document simultaneously.

Export Data to Other Windows Programs
This topic will show you how to transfer the Algematics data to other Windows programs such as Paint, Microsoft Word, etc., as well as how to create embedded Algematics documents from within your word processor.