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  Step 1: Purchase 20 minute tutoring time blocks ...

You purchase '20 minute' tutoring time blocks from our secure on-line store.

We work fast! In '20 minutes' we can answer lots of short questions, fully explained. If questions are larger, require more explanation or diagrams and graphs, then we will get less done in the same time. We expect to be able to provide between 2 and 3 pages of helpful working, diagrams, graphs and explanations in 20 minutes.

Once purchased, your five star tutoring time blocks never expire, and can be spread over multiple tutoring sessions. Whenever we answer your questions, we will inform you of how much tutoring time remains in your account.

If you find that the tutoring time blocks are not available from our online store, then this simply means that demand for our services is very high. Try again later. Once the backlog is cleared, time blocks will once again be available. 

When you purchase a time block, your receipt will include an order number at the top. You must quote this number when requesting help.

Your privacy is our highest priority. Under no circumstances will your name, e-mail address or any other details be made available to any third party or used for any purpose other than to process your on-line tutoring needs.

  Step 2: Send us your questions ...

When you ask your question, you quote your name and Esellerate order number, and we refer to our database to determine how much time you have left. We can only answer your question if you have sufficient time credits. Make sure your e-mail address is correct, otherwise we have no way of contacting you.

Please include all necessary information in your question. It may be best to simply type in the whole question instead of trying to write it in a shortened form.

If you need to send diagrams and pictures or handwritten equations as part of the question, this is easy. See our 'drawings and diagrams' page for hints on how to do this.

  Step 3: We answer your questions ...

When answering your questions, we will inform you of the time credits used up by each answer, and how much time remains in your account.

We will make every effort to answer you in as short a time as possible, usually overnight or sooner, but if your question is very challenging we may need to do some research. In this case we will inform you about the delay, but we will never use up your tutoring time credits for time we spend figuring out how to do your questions. If we can't answer your question at all, then we will inform you immediately.

As much as possible, we will answer your questions in full, carefully explaining each step. As necessary, we will include graphs and diagrams in our answers, and possibly give you some practice questions to try.

If you are not happy with our response to a question or still don't understand, then we will continue to help you with that same question until you are fully satisfied. If we cannot satisfy your needs for a particular question, then your time credits for that question will be fully restored.