Example Graphs
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This is a small collection of just some of the kinds of graphs made with Maths Helper Plus. Any 'jaggyness' of the plot lines is caused the computer screen. When printed out from Maths Helper Plus, they are perfectly smooth.

Click on the small pictures below to view them in full size:

1. A function graph superimposed on an imported picture, graph scale correct. (Best fit parabola and focal length plotted using the parabola tool.):

dish_plot.jpg (174759 bytes)

2. A pretty parametric equation:

wpeB.gif (13131 bytes)

3. A trigonometric graph showing use of trig scales:

4. A polar plot in three colours:

5. A scientific plot showing use of error bars and axis labels:

6. A  set of labelled box plots: (Data imported from a text file.)

7. A histogram from part of the same data used for the box plots above:

8. A frequency polygon from the histogram above:

9. A triangle plot:

10. A vector plot showing difference vectors, position vectors and resultants: