Drawings and diagrams
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If you need to include drawings or diagrams in your question, then these must be sent as a separate e-mail. To successfully contact our on-line tutoring service, the e-mail must be structured like this:

1. The 'To' address must be: 'tutoring@teacherschoice.com.au'

2. The subject line must start with your Esellerate order number, and finish with your name, which should be the same as the name given on the Esellerate order.

There are several ways of capturing your drawings and diagrams for insertion into an e-mail. If you are unsure how to do this, we have included some ideas below. If you need further assistance with this, we will be glad to help you.

Method 1 - Scanner

If you have access to a scanner, you can scan your drawings or diagrams and then send them as an e-mail. Your scanner software will include instructions on how to do this. Next, be sure to complete the e-mail details as shown above.

Method 2 - Paint program

Most computers have a drawing program installed, such as 'Microsoft Paint' (shown below), or if you have a word processor like 'Microsoft Word' that has drawing tools then that will also work.


Use the drawing tools provided by the program to sketch your diagram, then select 'Send' or 'Send to' from the 'file' menu. If given the choice, choose to send the picture as an attachment. This will create a new e-mail with your drawing attached. Next, be sure to complete the e-mail details as shown above.

HINT: How to make your Microsoft Paint drawing files smaller

If you send drawings from Microsoft Paint, you can save a lot of Internet time by reducing the size of the drawing file before attaching it to an e-mail.

1. Make the drawing area as small as possible. You can change this by selecting the 'Attributes' command from the 'Image' menu.

2. Save the image file as a 'gif'' type graphics file. Select 'Save as' from the 'File' menu. From the 'Save as type' list box, choose: 'Graphics Interchange Format (*.gif)' then click 'Save'. This will result in a MUCH smaller file.