Data Types
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You can type many kinds of data onto the Maths Helper Plus text view. The software will automatically recognise what type of data it is.
Type the data directly into the 'input box' on the text view, like this:

Here are the different types of data. Follow the links to find out more...

y = f(x) functions
x = f(y) functions
Polar functions: r = f(T)
Parametric functions: x = f(T), y = f(T)
Inequalities: y >, <, >=, <= f(x), or x >, <, >=, <= f(y)
Conics: circles, ellipses, hyperbolas, parabolas (11 types)
(x,y) points as rectangular or polar points
Triangles given three points or sides and angles.
Programmable matrix calculators
Programmable  vector calculators
Programmable complex number calculators

After entering data, you then select options that cause calculations to display on the text view, or graphics to display on the graph view.