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Our FREE on line mathematics 'How-To' library is open 24 hours a day. 
The ever-growing library now has 71 helpful topics, and every topic includes a free download!

Maths Helper Plus application topics are contained in the on-line help. These topics explain the mathematics with worked examples and are illustrated with colour diagrams. Also, there are many links from these topics back to the tutorial topics.

To solve a mathematics problem using Maths Helper Plus, first locate an application topic similar to your problem. Now print out or just read the topic until you understand what to do, then apply the topic to the problem you are solving. 

Many of the applications make use of Maths Helper Plus 'template' files. These are similar to document files, except that you load them with the 'use template' command. When loaded, a template adds its contents to your open document instead of creating a new document. This means you can add several templates to the one document. For example, the 'Distance formula' application below makes use of the 'distance formula.tpl' template file which contains the formulas to calculate distances between points.

These are the ready-to-use applications that ship with Maths Helper Plus:

Analytical Geometry

Distance formula 
Divide line in given ratio
Polynomial defined by 2 to 6 points
Tangents and normals to functions


Differentiate from first principles  << CLICK HERE TO VIEW THIS APPLICATION TOPIC!
Measure gradient around a curve
Plot derivative graphs
Definite integral as a limit
Find definite integrals interactively
Tabulate definite integrals

Complex Numbers

Do complex operations with working
Complex calculations
Complex series


Projectile motion

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Exponential function animated demo
Natural logarithms animated demo


Graphing (x,y) points
Graphing functions of x or y
Graphing inequalities
Graphing a family of curves
Graphing conics
Graphing parametric functions
Graphing polar functions
Graphing trig functions

Introduction to functions

Tables of function values
Plot a discrete function
Point on a function animated demo
Tracing around a function

Linear Programming

Solve linear programming problems graphically

Maps and navigation

Areas and distances


Matrix operations with working
Matrix calculations
Matrix series
Solve matrix equations


Compound interest
Hire purchase
Loan repayment calculations
Short term loans


Greatest and least values
Solve linear programming problems graphically

Periodic functions

Sine and cosine graphs animated demo
Bicycle wheel animated demo
Piston and crank animated demo


Binomial calculator
Binomial distribution
Permutations and Combinations
Normal distribution animated demo
Simulations for dice and coins

Scientific data

Plot scientific data

Sequences and series

AP calculations
Complex sequences
Generating and plotting sequences
GP calculations
Matrix sequences

Solving equations

Graphical solutions
Linear equations (algebraic)
Quadratic formula


Box plots
Cumulative frequency plots
Histograms and frequency polygons
Statistical calculations
Stem and Leaf plots


Area and perimeter of triangles
Solve triangles given angles and sides
Solve triangles given three points
Unit circle animated demo


Difference vectors
Position vectors
Vector addition animated demo
Vector calculations
Vector operations with working


These are not all of the applications of Maths Helper Plus! They are just ideas for you to build on!



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