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Algematics application topics are contained in the 'Maths Lab' section of on-line help. These topics explain the mathematics with worked examples and are illustrated with colour diagrams, and contain many sample problems with answers. All you have to do is look up a topic and follow the step-by-step instructions!

To solve a mathematics problem using Algematics, first locate an application topic similar to your problem. Now print out or just read the topic until you understand what to do, then apply the topic to the problem you are solving. 

These are the ready-to-use applications that ship with Algematics:


Construct algebraic expressions
Evaluate algebraic expressions
Change the subject of a formula
Simplify algebraic expressions
Advanced simplifying techniques
Operations on algebraic expressions and equations
Expand brackets: a(b+c) 
Expand products of binomial expressions
Factorise expressions like: ab + ac
Factorise quadratic expressions << CLICK HERE TO VIEW THIS APPLICATION TOPIC!
Advanced factorisation techniques
Solve linear equations in one variable
Solve Simultaneous Linear Equations (Substitution method)
Solve Simultaneous Linear Equations (Elimination method)
Solve quadratic equations


Simple interest calculations << CLICK HERE TO VIEW THIS APPLICATION TOPIC!
Compound interest and depreciation calculations

Whole Numbers

Order of operations
Commutative properties
Associative properties
Distributive properties
Number relations and symbols
Find the highest common factor, HCF, of a set of whole numbers
Find the lowest common multiple, LCM, of a set of whole numbers


Decimal fractions

Addition and subtraction of common fractions

Multiplication and division of common fractions


Operations on integers: +, -, ×, ÷


Using index expressions
Roots and fractional indices
Scientific notation

Ratio and Proportion

Distribute quantities according to a given ratio
Direct proportion
Inverse proportion


Find percentages of numbers or quantities
Express one quantity as a percentage of another
Find the whole when given a percentage of the whole
Increase or decrease a given number or quantity by a given percentage
Find the percentage change in a number or

Plane Shapes

Pythagoras' Theorem

Length, Area and Volume

Perimeters, areas and volumes using formulae 


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