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Algematics is a powerful program for doing things with algebra and numbers.

There are two parts to Algematics:  1. The software,  and  2. The illustrated tutor topics.

When you first run Algematics, you will see this screen:

This is the Algematics software which contains tools for solving algebra and whole number problems...

The first thing you have to do is input some numbers and formulas.

Press the F3 key. (Or click the toolbar button.) to display the data entry dialog box:

The 'Text' box (the white area in the top half) is for typing helpful text to describe your steps. You can ignore it for now.

The 'Maths' box (the white area in the bottom half) is where you type expressions, equations, formulas and numbers.

You type all input on a single line using simple rules.

ANY letters can be used. ( x[2] means x² )
Use: / for divide 

(Other rules are listed in Algematics Help)

Example: To factorize the quadratic expression: 78t² + 143t - 455

Press F3 to display the data entry box

Type:  78t[2] + 143t - 455

Click: OK

Click the  button until the next step created has not changed:

This quadratic expression is now factorized, showing all of the steps!

Tutor topics can help you to solve your own problems with Algematics.

First select the 'help' menu option on the Algematics menu bar, then select the 'Index' option.

If you display and read the 'Beginners' tutorial you will understand the other topics better. The tutorials are recommended but not essential.

To solve your own algebra and number problems, locate similar tutorial topics in the 'maths lab' section of the help. Follow the instructions to solve your problem.

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