The Benefits of Sociodramatic Play for Children

Sociodramatic play, also called “pretend play”, lets young children play different characters, act out stories and imaginary situations, and pretend to be in different places or eras. During dramatic play, children assign or accept roles, such as a fantasy role, like a knight in armour, or a familiar or real-world role, like grandma or the mailman. In any […]

Play Ideas to Spark Your Child’s Imagination

When it comes to play time, it’s always good to follow your child’s lead. But when they want you to be more involved in brainstorming and planning their play activities, your active involvement can encourage the development of their confidence and understanding, not to mention deepen your bond as parent and child. How your child […]

How to Reduce Children’s Screen Time with Educational Toys

In the digital age, how much screen time is too much, and how does it affect your child’s development? If you’re looking for ways to reduce screen time for your child, using educational toys can help.  What’s the recommended limit for screen time among young children? Australian children are exceeding the recommended two-hour daily screen time […]

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